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Affiliate Marketing Rules 101

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Published: March 23, 2009 8:27:28 AM

Affiliate marketing is a huge business opportunity on the internet. Every day, more people are interested to be part of it. This is the perfect situation for one to be able to work from home. This avenue is profitable as our economy heads into recession. Many will lose their jobs and have to find ways to bring in a income. Often they do not fully understand the business and make costly mistakes. Learn the concept of affiliate marketing, know how to be a profitable marketer. Many newbies ask what is the affiliate marketing business. My answer is to introduce them to this outline of affiliate marketing.

The affiliate network is composed of the group of affiliates and the group of merchants. Each appropriate group has their own function and role. Affiliate networks acts as a third party between the merchants and the affiliates. They provide the technology to deliver the merchants campaigns and offers. They also collect commission fees from the merchant and pay the affiliates. The networks being the middlemen and supply valuable services to the marketer and the affiliate. Clickbank or Commission Junction, to name two of the leading network groups. Yes, two leading avenues available to anyone who starts their business.

Affiliate marketing is a business venture effort between merchants and affiliates. As you see, there are two parties involved:

1. Merchants whom create the offer they have and financially set up their programs. Merchants are any website owner who maintains and operates the affiliate program. They acquire the middleman to keep records of their business and send the checks to the affiliates.

2. Affiliates are any website or blog owner who promote merchants affiliate program. This can be profitable if you understand the basics. I am teaching you the outline of the basics. This knowledge has taken me years to compile.

Affiliate marketing has proved to be a cost-efficient business. This measurable method of delivering long-term results in a home business atmosphere. Why you ask? Well, both the merchants and affiliates benefit from it. Merchants have links to the markets and customers without spending extra time searching. Banner ads on affiliate sites will produce interest for their products. This will also drive customers to merchants sites. There is no payment due to an affiliate until they gain financial results. The merchants also have the ability to decide the amount of payment. Merchants also decide the method of payment, which is earned from the commission type business. You as an affiliate will make percentages for each contact that joins the merchants program.

Affiliates will promote the merchants business. This is helpful because you do not need to spend time creating products and doing all the testing. Merchants have already done the math and accessed the trial and error of their creations. They have also spent the monies to get to this point. As an affiliate, you will get compensations for every customer, the merchant gains. This being your efforts to advertise the merchants business. Totally understand what the commission will be, expected payment method, and time involved in the agreement. Be careful to read the agreement completely, understand what is expected of you to gain your commission or percentage.

Affiliate marketing is an easy and low cost way to start a business. It is possible to generate a full time income through affiliate marketing. However, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. Your understanding of the meaning of affiliate marketing will put you in a top notch position. Thus, giving you a better chance to succeed.

I promised you a basic outline of the affiliate marketing business. Not being led down the wrong avenues to get your business up and running profitably. I have purchased many programs, tutorials, and software from the top names in the business today. I had to work two years to sum up all of my information into a outline for you to follow. I will help you in the same way I have been helped. I was entirely lost in the beginning. I was constantly reading so much and being more and more confused. I tried so many offers being sent to me. I would stay up too late at night just trying to make some sense out of all of the knowledge I had bought. You will gain a fool proof plan and will not have to be scammed by one product after another.

I have one request of you, please stay organized. Keep track of everything you incorporate into your business, especially usernames and passwords. Without an organizational plan you will get so misled and make costly mistakes. I can tell you this because that is exactly what I did without being organized and dedicated to my business. Your business will give to you what you give to it. My motto is PRIDE, which I describe as P-Professional, R-Results, I-In, D-Daily, E-Efforts. You have to keep in mind that this will be your lifeline, so do a top notch job and be proud of what you have built, and the profits will come!

Now let's get busy and make some money!

1. Copy the above free affiliate content and save it also.

2. Start a blog about a niche you like such as for example in this article I will use affiliate marketing and place the above content (with your affiliate link on it) and some fresh content.

3. Write articles about affiliate marketing with a link back to your blog or affiliate link and submit .

4. Create a fun by professional video about affiliate marketing. Submit it to the popular video sites.

5. Bookmark your efforts! Articles, blogs and videos from the first steps, bookmark, bookmark, bookmark.

6. Submit your blog to relevant link directories.

7. Setup Pay Per Click accounts to promote your blog or affiliate link to major Search Engines.

Here is some keywords to try, change these to reflect your personal niche words: Affiliate Marketer,Affiliate Marketing,Test Affiliate Marketing,Affiliate Marketing Tester,Affiliate Marketing Testing,Test Affiliate Marketing,Affiliate Marketing Jobs,Affiliate Marketer Jobs,Paid Affiliate Marketers,Affiliate Marketing Review

8. Inform your friends through email and social sites.

9. Post and comment on related forums and blogs and have your blog or affiliate link in your footer or post. (Do not spam only useful contributions).

This has to be applied each day, post to your blogs, forums, article markets. Set aside at least two hours to dedicate to your new business. Post to as many of each type from above 1-9 as you can find.

Wow, your new business! It will be worth a few hours you give it each and everyday!

Soon you will be reaping the profits!

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This article was written about a new career I have started on the side to gain extra income. I am a affiliate marketer with several years experience. I have been working on the internet for many years. Truth on the internet, is that possible? I have been taken many times by untrue offers etc., I am fighting back now! Click Here!


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