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Affiliate Internet Marketing

Written By: Robert Riles III
Published: December 10, 2007 7:35:28 PM

What is meant by affiliate internet marketing? We come through a lot of affiliate sites, products and services online. A product is promoted and when a customer buys that product he is encouraged to bring in more customers who might be his friends or others and when they also buy the product the first customer gets a bonus on the sales made through her and also gets a free incentive or cash reward. This second customer in turn introduces another set of customers to get the same benefits and thus affiliate internet marketing grows like a chain or increases or multiplies quickly thereby increasing the customer base and also increases the income of the business.

Affiliate internet marketing is fast catching up as people not only get to buy a quality product but also stand to gain something as added benefit. The merchants only pay a small commission to their affiliates who refer other affiliates which result in sales. Not only products and service are marketed through affiliate programs but also social web sites like mylot.com etc also spread their popularity through affiliate marketing. They do pay small incentives for every response and for best discussions.

Web sites like pay per click and click sense also revolve on the affiliate strategy and hence proved to be very successful. These sites pay its customers a small fee for every site that they click from their home page. Many business concerns present their site links to these affiliate sites and they in turn have these links on their home page. When an affiliate clicks one page he receives a bonus of 1 cent and thus with every click his income increases. If the affiliate wants a double income then she has to refer this site to her social contacts online. Who I turn will enroll in these sites as affiliates and thus increase the income of not only the site but also the person who refers the site to them.

One of the best sites online which offer this affiliate marketing principle is the site called getafreelancer.com. This site offers numerous job opportunities to freelancer writers and web designers. At the end of the day the freelancer also get a job of his liking through bidding and also gets a bonus for his referrals job opportunities. When his referrals get a project or post a project for which they get paid the freelancer gets affiliate bonus. Thus not only does the service of this web site spread by becoming more and more visible to all freelancers around the globe but also receives extra income and pays incentives too to its affiliates. Thus affiliate internet marketing is the best method to promote any product or service online.

About The Author

Robert Riles III is Co-Owner of skyfireproducts.com. We makes it easy for webmaster to build your online web store and earn a substantial income by cutting the prices by 90% on popular E-Books, Software, Audio & Video and Templates.


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