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Affiliate Marketer Shawn Collins is Retiring

Written By: Shawn Collins
Published: December 19, 2007 9:37:33 AM

I hereby retire from being an affiliate manager. It was back in the fall of 1997 that I first got into managing affiliate programs for a company called Medsite.com.

They had a site called MedBookStore.com, which specialized in textbooks for medical students.

Anyhow, I managed affiliate programs as an employee or consultant from back then straight through November 30, 2007.

But now it's time to focus on other things.

While I've been an affiliate ever since 1997 (that was one of my selling points for the Medsite.com job, as I was an Amazon affiliate), I've become increasingly busy with other projects over the years and had to limit my affiliate activity.

Well, now it's time to jump back in on the affiliate side in a big way.

Also, I'll be able to focus more on Affiliate Summit. And I will continue to consult on affiliate management when time allows.

Anybody looking for an OPM, check out the Outsourced Program Manager section on the Affiliate Buyer's Guide. That's where I'm sending any of my leads, too.

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