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Using Video in Affiliate Marketing

Written By: Jason Forthofer
Published: December 21, 2007 8:46:04 AM

Are you tired of just posting a banner and waiting months for a sale to come in? Or maybe your site has pretty much no traffic at all so you're not even going to be getting any sales. Visits to your site from mom do not count. I'll admit, getting free traffic from the search engines is no easy task. However, there is another option….a free one.

Using videos for affiliate marketing is the next big thing. Like it or not, the Internet is moving more and more towards video. Why? Because humans are addicted to television. We hate to read when it's easier to just watch. And it's more entertaining. Be honest, you didn't read a lot of those books in high school, you just went and rented the movie and then wrote your book report. For quite some time now, most babysitting has been to just throw in a movie to keep the kiddies occupied. So now our culture has ADD. Affiliate marketers…you need to adapt.

Using video in Affiliate Marketing works like this:

  • Make a video promoting your favorite affiliate products.

  • Edit and upload your video to YouTube and/or other video sharing sites.

  • Tell your viewers where you can get those great products…your site!

  • Your viewers then go to your site (free traffic) and click your affiliate links to order.

If you're frustrated with SEO, this is the way to go. Rhyme not intended. It's fun, free and "cutting edge". Your videos don't even have to be all that professional. Testimonials have always been a great sales tool. Just look at the camera and talk about the product(s). There is a newer site, Qoof, that makes it even easier for affiliates. You don't even have to mention your site. They have a buy now button right on the video player embeded with your affiliate link.

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