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Tips and Tricks

Website Font:

Many studies have proven that the font for websites should be Sans Serif fonts over Serif fonts.  Serif fonts have small lines at the tops and bottoms of each character. Serif fonts are commonly used in print, however, when reading off of a computer screen Sans Serif fonts are easier to read. One in depth study concludes that the easiest to read fonts are 12 pt. Arial or 9 or 10 pt. Veranda.   Other commonly used Sans Serif fonts are Helvetica, Franklin Gothic, Gill Sans, and Myriad. For more information on this font study visit:


Website Background:

The rule of thumb is to build a website with dark text on light colored background. Avoid busy patterns or graphics as a background as the text may blend in with the background. The best choice for a background is a single color.  Also important is to have all of the pages in your website have the same background to make your entire site cohesive. The user wants to know where they are and that they are on the same website. For more information on backgrounds visit:


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